Home Theater Room

Having a Home Theater Room is about much more than just having a miniature movie theater in your home.​

Besides having far superior picture and sound, there are things you can do in a home theater room you can’t do in a commercial theater like:
  • Play Video Games
  • Have Karaoke Night
  • Watch your Favorite TV Shows
  • Host Oscar Parties
  • Host Super Bowl & World Cup Parties
  • Watch What You Want When You Want

Our first and foremost intent is to help make a room that is comfortable and inviting. A dedicated home theater room should be flexible and be capable of multi-tasking. Follow some basic rules and you will have a room that will be one of the most used rooms in your house.

Home Theater Room
Home Theater Room

Secondly, it must be engaging. That means the biggest best video and audio experience that you can afford within your budget. We specialize in the best value to price point equipment on the market and we stay on top of the shifts and improvements that happen within technology.

The first step to getting a Home Theater, is consultation and asking questions. Please call or come in to see us and we can schedule a time for a free consultation.

We can help with every step of making a dedicated home theater room in your home:

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In a nutshell: A surround sound system consists of a few essential parts. This article shows you how to put them together to create a well-matched home theater. Here’s what you need:
  • A home theater receiver to power your speakers.
  • A center channel speaker that sits below or above your TV.
  • Front left and right speakers that flank your TV. Bookshelf or floor-standing speakers are the most popular choices.
  • Two or four surround speakers, which go behind and/or beside you. You can use bookshelf speakers, or specialized speakers that fire in different directions.
  • One or two powered subwoofers.
  • Want overhead sound effects? If your receiver offers Dolby Atmos® processing, include a pair of in-ceiling or upward-firing speakers.
Bookshelf, in-wall, and in-ceiling speakers are great options for immersive sound without taking up a ton of floor space.

Get theater-like sound with floor-standing speakers

If space isn’t a big concern, you’re free to go with larger speakers. Anchoring your surround sound system with floor-standing speakers helps reproduce the movie theater experience. Their large acoustic chambers deliver powerful surround effects for movies and video games. Tower speakers are also ideal for listening to music in stereo.

What role does each speaker play in a home theater system?

A home theater is comprised of several different types of speakers. Understanding the role of each one will help you choose the best options for your room. Here are the main ingredients of a surround sound speaker system.
  • center channel that sits below or above your TV.
  • A pair of front left and right speakers. Bookshelf or floor-standing speakers are the most popular choices for these locations.
  • Two or more surround speakers. These go behind and/or beside your seating area. Bookshelf speakers are also commonly used as the surround channels.
  • One or two powered subwoofers.

The center channel produces dialogue and more

The center channel is often considered the most important speaker in your system. It delivers more than 50% of a movie’s soundtrack, including almost all of the dialogue. It also provides important center stage sound effects.