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If you are doing a renovation, Bright Home Theater is the perfect working partner to help you design, plan, and install all of your audio/video and networking wishes. We have been working with property owners, architects, and designers for years to help organize and execute all types of A/V and Home Automation systems. With many years of experience we understand the process of design and planning. Working with you or your architect we can provide plans, spreadsheets, and layout schematics.

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Please feel free to contact us with any questions if you are planning a renovation.

We collaborate with builders, developers, architects, & designers on every aspect of a project from planning and design to implementation and installation of audio/video systems, smart home automation, surveillance systems, and lighting & climate control, for both residential & commercial projects.

System Design and Installation
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For over a decade, BHT has been building its core business by developing strong relationships with professionals in the construction and home design industry in Manhattan and Brooklyn as well as other parts of New York. These relationships can only grow stronger on the foundation that we are there every step of the way from beginning to end and take great pride in the quality of our A/V Systems.

We invite you to give us the opportunity to show you the reasons that make us different from the rest. Our commitment to service, quality of work, and delivering the project within a designated budget is what sets us apart.

If you are a builder, developer, architect, or interior designer that would like to learn more about the home automation industry and be able to offer home automation solutions to your clients, feel free to set up a meeting with one of our system designers today.

Exclusive Deals are available for all industry professionals.

Kerry Bright - Owner of Bright Home Theater

Kerry Bright - Owner of Bright Home TheaterOwner Kerry Bright has over 20 years of experience working in the construction field as well as the audio & video industry. He brings a unique blend of expertise and experience ranging from construction, electrical, audio & video, lighting, and shades. As a result Bright Home Theater understands your entire project as we work with you and/or your architect, designer, and contractor to realize your vision.

Kerry Bright's professional resume includes 15 years as a general contractor in New York City. This raises him above the average audio/video installer in quality of fit and finish. With knowledge of construction, we can offer more options for any of your custom installations. Kerry has certifications, with ISF, RTI, HAA, Elan, Universal Remote, Savant, Lutron, and more.

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Imagine pausing a movie in the living room, then starting it at the same spot from the comfort of your bedroom. Or having a party where the music moves with you, playing seamlessly whether guests are in the kitchen, the living room or on the patio. This sort of whole-house AV system distributes sources — such as satellite TV or a DVD player — to different environments or zones, throughout the home. Sources are centralized in one location (known as the "head end"), giving you the convenience and joy of your music, movies and media in any room. 

To plan for a whole-house system, you will most likely need the help of a qualified AV installer.

After you choose the sources that will go into this centralized rack, it's time to wire. Even if you don't plan to set up equipment right away, wire is cheap enough to install during construction/remodeling to avoid the hassle of retrofitting it later. For video, we recommend a minimum of CAT5E wire for distances up to 320 feet from the head end, beyond which, fiber-optic cable is a must. HDBaseT, the latest CAT standard, bundles video, audio connections, Ethernet and up to 100W of power into one cable for even easier installation.

For audio, you will need to run in-wall rated speaker wire of the correct gauge to speaker locations. In-wall and in-ceiling speakers from companies like Speakercraft, Bose, Sonance and Klipsch ($100-$400/pair) are a popular choice for whole-home AV because they are unobtrusive and don't need to be plugged into electrical outlets.

While there are some great wireless systems on the market, they may not be the right solution for those who want top-notch sound quality.

Finally, you'll need a remote control system that can communicate through walls with centralized equipment. Home automation manufacturers like URC, RTI, Crestron, Control4, Savant and AMX have easy-to-use control systems ($250-$10,000 depending on system scope) and apps that transform your smartphone or tablet into a controller.

There is nothing quite like a midsummer night's patio party with the Beach Boys pumping through outdoor speakers or an impromptu showing of Some Like It Hot on your outdoor TV. To create the perfect outdoor entertainment escape, though, the rules are slightly different than those for indoor audio-video.

According to Gretchen Gilbertson, CEO of Séura, manufacturer of Storm outdoor TVs, one of the biggest mistakes people make when creating an alfresco AV space is putting equipment that doesn't belong outdoors. TVs designed for outdoor use can withstand extreme heat, cold and insects, are brighter and more rugged, and contain antiglare properties. "This means your TV won't fail right before your big dinner party because a tennis ball hit it," says Gilbertson. "You can also trust it to perform flawlessly when you're watching HGTV at high noon."

For a backyard movie bash with a projector and huge screen, you'll want to start the show at night because most projectors can't compete with unbridled sunlight. Some people use a white sheet for a screen, but there are many screens designed specifically for outdoor use, like Airblown's inflatable 12-foot model ($195).

For a better picture, get a portable screen like Da-Lite's Portable Insta-Theater ($420), which you can take in and out of the house as you like. Stewart Filmscreen offers high-end permanent custom solutions, like weatherized screens that descend into or pop up from custom housing. You can also permanently install a projector outdoors, but you'll need special housing to protect it from the elements.

If that's not a viable option, there are a lot of excellent portable projectors available. Epson’s PowerLite Home Cinema 500, for example, lets you connect directly to a pair of speakers or a Blu-ray player, simplifying setup.