Bel Canto C7R Integrated Amp | Product Features Video

A brief introductory look at the features and functions of the Bel Canto C7R DAC Integrated Amplifier. Watch as David from Bright Audio in New York City describes the Bel Canto C7R.

Hi Guys, David here with Bright Audio. If you ever decide you want to graduate from listening to music through your iPhone or computer’s speakers and move up to a bigger, better, more (grown up) system. Then this video’s for you.

Graduating from convenient sound (like small Bluetooth players… or desktop speakers) to a more serious, dedicated system requires some consideration. There are a lot of options to get better sound, so to make a more informed decision we suggest that you ask “what is the best system for my lifestyle?” Ask yourself the following questions. First of all, How much room do you have? Do you have dedicated space to fit a large amplifier or are you limited to some space on a shelf? Do you need a small compact speaker, or can you fit a bigger, floor-standing model? Second: What are you using to play your music? Do you listen to a lot of digital music, from your iPod or phone? Do you like listening to records? Are you streaming your music from the Internet? Knowing this will tell you what kind of connectivity you will need to play back your favorite music. And third, and maybe most importantly, what’s your budget?

There are a lot of options out there, but we want to show you an example of an amplifier that provides answers to these questions, AND offers a tremendous improvement in the way your music will sound: the Bel Canto C7R integrated amplifier. The C7R is a compact yet versatile system, featuring both digital and analog inputs– the large number of digital inputs allows you to  connect devices like your Apple TV… Sonos Player…Bluetooth streamer… DVD player… Cable Box…Gaming Console…Flat Screen TV, and even your laptop. (video of back of amplifier with Sonos, streamer, laptop) It also has analog inputs, and since records are becoming more and more popular again, it has a dedicated phono input. These days, finding a system that can convert digital, accept analog, and that has a phono pre-amp is not easy to find in one box– especially one with such a small footprint.

The C7R is a single-box solution that provides a hundred and fifty watts of great digital amplification, a built-in Digital to Analog Converter, a digital AM/FM tuner and a Phono pre-amp for hooking up a quality record player, all inside a chassis smaller than a shoe box.

So let’s look at the Bel Canto C7R as a lifestyle solution. It’s small, which means you can put it virtually anywhere.It has all the connectivity you could possibly need. The Bel Canto C7R isn’t cheap at twenty-six hundred dollars, but for a single box solution that offers so many lifestyle advantages we believe it is worth anyone’s consideration who is looking for a serious audio upgrade.

Last but not least, everyone should ask one last question: How does it sound? In the case of the Bel Canto C7R, it sounds amazing. Great dynamics, lots of bass extension, very high resolution– it should be heard to be believed.  That’s why we invite you to come have a seat in our comfortable listening room at our retail store in the East Village, and hear the difference a great amplifier can make. As always, if you like this video be sure to click “like,” and subscribe to our channel for more informational videos.  This is David from Bright Audio. Thanks for watching! See you next time.


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iFi Nano iDSD DAC/Headphone Amp | Product Features Video

A brief introductory look at the features and functions of the iFi Nano iDSD DAC/Headphone Amplifier. Watch as David from Bright Audio in New York City explains how to set up the Nano iDSD.

For any of you using your computer’s USB output for your audio instead of your headphone jack, or streaming bluetooth, the iFi Nano iDSD DAC is for you. In case you don’t know, your USB output on your computer can provide the highest quality digital sound. The iFI Nano is small enough to fit in your pocket, and is the first time you can enjoy DSD audio on the go. (If you want to know more about the DSD audio format follow the link to our video.) At $189.00 it surpasses anything even in the $500.00 price bracket.


The iFi Nano also doubles as a great headphone amplifier. Equipped with a Burr Brown chipset powered by iFi’s proprietary software, the Nano unlocks new levels of playback on all formats. This clever little DAC will allow you to hear every music file as it was intended to be experienced. The Nano has one USB digital input, it has one digital coax output, one RCA analog output, one 3.5 millimeter headphone output, a volume control, power indicator, a digital filter for phase management, and a lithium polymer battery for over 10 hours battery life.  So at home or traveling with your laptop you now have access to the best digital formats and  get the most out of your current music files — all for under $200.
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