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    In 2001, with the rapidly increasing popularity of high-performance Home-Theater systems, Simaudio introduced the MOON Titan multi-channel amplifier, the first amplifier in our MOON A/V Series. Bringing years of award winning amplifier design “know-how” to the table, our design team created one of the very first high powered multi-channel amplifiers with a thermally interconnected chassis to ensure exceptional sonic performance across all channels at all times. The Titan has earned a universal reputation as the finest amplifier of its kind and can be found in countless reference grade multi-channel systems worldwide.

    In 2005, we introduced the MOON Evolution series as the new flagship range. Years of research and know-how went into cultivating these extraordinary products. Listening to feedback from consumers, dealers, and countless listening iterations and engineering time went into the design and execution of the MOON Evolution products. A product line that embodies life-like sonic performance, luxurious styling, unique flexibility and intuitive ease-of-use; A combination unprecedented in the world of high-end audio.

    With an unchanged philosophy, a new energetic leadership team and a vision, MOON by Simaudio will continue to exemplify exceptional customer service, innovation, and engineering excellence.

    Featured Products

    Moon by Simaudio 700i

    Integrated Amplifier

    Moon by Simaudio 250i Integrated Amplifier | Bright Home Theater

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    Moon by Simaudio ACE

    All-in-One Music Player

    Moon by Simaudio 310LP

    Phono Preamplifier

    Moon by Simaudio 330A

    Power Amplifier

    Moon by Simaudio 280D

    Streaming DSD DAC